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Spreading humor through Sound.

Creating a surreal experience where all dreams are welcomed and conversation beautifully simple.

Dreamr is a diary social app concept, I thought of this after waking up from a confusing dream. I think dreams are stories our minds create while we doze. They can be entertaining, romantic, frightening and sometimes bizarre. What if there was an app for that? So I decided to create that concept.
App Development + Concept Design + User Research + UI/UX Design + Identity Strategy + Prototype + Brand Identity + Digital Strategy + Art Direction

An adventure you can only dream of


The market across different industries has been flooded due to internet commoditization. As a result, consumers see less value in what they buy as brands opt for convenience over quality. So how I do create an something that stands out? The service should actually choose to serve it's user over profit.


Position the product to serve the need of its users and the market by learning from data. The insights obtained during the process of research and analysis introduces a design system. That provides clarity and discoverability across categories: product development, post-development, and the refinement of features and usability.

Project SCope.
Figuring out the project goals, target audience, market, and challenges. Then conducted interviews and studied the user needs.
UX Strategy.
Following the briefing and research, I created user stories and a user flow map that depicts the journey of users to create solutions.
Considering the users and the clients, I created the visual portion of the app using fully clickable prototypes and wireframes.
Communication with the client is key for success. Further testing and the visual concept lead to the implementation of the final project's birth.

RESEARCH exploration.

Based on my extensive research with user surveys and user interviews on social apps. I found out what is missing between users. It's a reflection of thoughts and knowledge but also learning from others in an authentic way. I explored a range of concepts to communicate a great product for output.


User Research.

Contextual inquiry
Experience a new app
To define the key points and confirm the challenges. I conducted user research and invited 14 people to use a social media app they have not used before. They decided which social networking app they wanted to download and play with. I was watching them during the preparation, exploration, discovery and noted everything they said and did. I collected and distilled the information into user flows for each single step of the app process.
Quantative Surveys.
Additionally to the contextual inquires session, I created online surveys for information about the market, those users, and their needs. I needed an idea of what they find problematic, what those apps were lacking, and what they would like changed.
3.48 billion
Social media users in 2020 have grown by 9 percent since this time last year according to wearesocial
Social media users feel like their feed is not geared towards them or gives options to change it.
Current social media users would like a better experience
17 - 45
The age on social media with the range increasing per year.
I want to get the best
experience possible
I love to bring happiness
to friends & family
Looking for new popular
elements to follow
Something to keep my interest
in my long commute
Interested in digital &
local action that is fun
Showcasing the UI and highlighting real people helps the product feel familiar and inviting. We organized the shopping experience to help users find featured stores, get inspired by popular purchases and explore an all new way to pay.
The Strategy.

Dreamr's strategy is divided into equal parts: the story of the peoples who have dreams, the community that attracts new users, and the call to action to defend its supportive engagements.

Allow like-minded people in your online community to communicate, and keep the engagement on your platform.
Include moods, reactions, and auto-moderation to handle thousands of users without degrading quality.
Delight users by letting them get in touch with their users needs by leveraging non-inclusive data collected.
Provide users with fun and inspiring elements that will support them with love, knowledge, and equality.
Create great quality standards that protect users so they can freely express themselves and learn together.

Brand Development.

Based on Dreamr guidelines, I designed and emphasized what they call "color transitions" which was an evolution of more than one color within the dream pastel spectrum. It was the first time I used gradients on a user interface. I thought, why not try something new? It was just one of the opportunities I used to connect the related content through improved curation and site architecture.

Pushing the brand.

Finding the right people that have dreams is the main focus to connect the like-minded. Building a community that has respect for one another.

Your creative dreams
lead to success.
Your creative dreams
lead to success.
Brand Identity.

Designed with the community in mind. Whether you like to jot down your thoughts or communicate them with others.

The symbol consists of a cloud that has depth but also translucence. The cloud represents thoughts and dreams. The concept of two clouds coming together as one to form a union. While the logotype and the typography represents a design developed for a ready ease.

Dark Orchid
Hex - #974FC0
RGB - 151 80 192
RGB - 255 255 255
Dark Orchid
Pale Violet Red
Pale Violet Red
Hex - #EC7BA1
RGB - 236 124 161

creative stories.

The design experiment was around creating a platform for people to talk about their dreams literally and figuratively. I decided that would require a communication system, a mood screen, and a great interactive user interface.

Dynamically interactive.

Created from a bunch of different adaptable components and interactions that could be reused in different sections of the application, Dreamr details a bold collection of insights and modular connections.

I took the best parts of what I knew plus research from diary and social media apps. Combining them to introduce a whole suite of modern enhancements to deliver an app focused on quality of product and quality of experience. The place where you can save, discover, discuss, and post your dreams, thoughts, and ambitions. You can create your own personal dream diary or join the dream community around the world and change how we communicate and express ourselves.
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